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Monday, 2 November 2009

Stat Attack

Seeing as its a start of a new month I have been analysing my previous two months selections, I will start with the overall picture of all my football bets to date (including November's selection).

I have given 22 selections resulting in 12 winners (strike rate of 55%)
The average odds of the selections are 2.48 (6/4 in old money)
Prices have ranged from 1.50 to 7.50
Total profit based on £10 level stakes (£20 for max bets LUMP ON) is £87.60

Below is a monthly summary of September and October, no point adding November just yet!

Selections - 8
Winners - 6
Strike Rate - 75%
Average Odds - 3.45
Total Staked - £90
Total Returns - £198.30
Profit - £108.30

Selections - 13
Winners - 5
Strike Rate - 38%
Average Odds - 1.91
Total Staked - £150
Total Returns - £117.80
Loss - £32.20

I have a spreadsheet of all my bets if anyone wants to take a look, September was a great month and October would have been profitable if it wasn't for the MAX BET on Middlesboro failing at the weekend. I know there is room for improvement and certain bets with hindsight shouldnt have been placed (unders AND home win in the same game)

I hope this analysis isnt too confusing?! I am feeling confident about November after Sundays winning bet so lets hope the winners keep coming!


  1. I reckon if you keep a POT % figure its a good way of keeping track.

    If you can manage to bat at about +5.00% you are doing well. Over 10% is pretty unrealistic in my opinion.

  2. Great site. It's a shame that the EU hasn't allowed an open gambling market, as this would result in better value on the odds punters are offered due to the increased competition between bookmakers and betting exchanges. Have a look at the campaign at and support the petition for an open market and stronger gambling rights for consumers!