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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Bonus, Bonus, Bonus!

For those of you that are poker enthusiasts I guess you have heard the news about a 22 year old man winning a LADIES poker tournament, officials said that will not refuse entry to the tournament based on gender. The actual winner stated that he was not looking to enter a womans tournament but due to his schedule he could only play this tournament, infact the winner was not the only male to enter the tournament which beggers belief why call it a ladies tournament. I bet Catser Semenya would like these WSOP poker officials running the IAAF athletics board!! Still, the winner got paid his $9k odd winnings and off he went, personally if I was a woman competing in this tournament I would be a bit miffed about this whole situation.

I have never had big wins at poker as I find it takes me a long while just to grind out a few dollars profit and I think is it really worth it? Also you need to have a good memory of hands played and how your opponents acted in certain situations and I find myself easily distracted and not paying too much attention as to whats happening on the poker table! Infact as im writing this post im being distracted by the Ukraine Greece playoff.. Oh my goodness!! Shevchenko just missed two great chances in the opening 7 minutes - positive start from the Ukraine. Come on boys!!

Lets hope my next post will be celebrating the a victory for Ukraine, good luck all!

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