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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Red or Black?

Whilst watching the football in the Czech casino on Saturday I was tempted to play a little roulette or video poker as there was tons of machines and tables but decided against it as I had been drinking and I always avoid gambling when under the influence of alcohol - it normally ends in tears! I have often had a football bet after a few beers and ticked the wrong box and marked an away win instead of home, I tended to blame the layout of the slips as opposed to the lager I had just been drinking!

Anyway back to the point in hand, I remembered back to good times I have had in casino's before when I have been in Canada. Its a great feeling when one of your numbers pops in the roulette and the rewards can be very high IF your on a run of good luck - LUCK is the single most important thing when playing roulette if your lucks in, its in! I tended to base my number selection around stuff Robbie Fowlers number 23 shirt when he started out at Liverpool and birthdays and stuff - it was fun and exciting especially when red 23 cropped up! The flipside is obviously the losses can accumulate just as quickly so I would never advise any compulsive gambler to try roulette or casino games but if played for fun and with sensible stakes they can be great entertainment.

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