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Friday, 22 January 2010

Its all about timing...

It was one bet I didnt mind losing when backing both teams to score in the Liverpool V Spurs game on wednesday night! Liverpool played with passion and determination something the vistors lacked, Spurs were very average and inparticular Gareth Bale had a poor game. I am still waiting for Bale to actually produce something since his move to Tottenham a few years back, a very over rated player in my opinion - the fact Carragher beat him for pace summed it all up for Spurs.

I have been playing alot in the goals market recently with a great deal of success, I believe that these markets suit my style of inplay betting. I can read a match much better than I intially thought after predicting goals in the second half of the Mallorca Getafe cup game on wednesday (0-0 at HT 1-2 at FT) I lumped on over 1.5 and a bit 2.5 goals at half time and was duly rewarded with 3 second half goals, odds of 2.58 of over 1.5 was very generous and duly greened up after the first goal when odds dropped to 1.40.

And again in the Cameroon game last night, with the score at 0-1 to Tunisia I was expecting Cameroon to come out all guns balzing in a bid to qualify for the knockout stages. Both teams needed a positive result to qualify so end to end action was on the cards so a nice bet at 2.52 on over 2.5 goals at HT paid off when the the final score was 2-2. Of course hindsight is a wonderful thing when looking back on these bets but with the right research it makes these inplay markets a good source of winners, even 1 goal allows an opportunity to trade.

On a seperate note what application or gadget would anyone advise to upload screenshots onto blogspot?

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