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Friday, 8 January 2010

To Score or Not to Score?

That is the question! For a bit of fun I have decided to attempt the 1 goal or more challenge, I will start with a bank of 20 pounds and back 1 goal or more in selected games with my whole bank each time. Normally the odds vary from 1.05 to 1.15 and if I can hit around 50 winners in a row I will be looking to stop and bank the profits (although I will probably be tempted to bank some profits along the way!).

I have seen many attempts of this challenge on betfair forums and other blogs and it looks achievable giving good research and a bit of luck along the way. If I lose the 20 pounds after 3 bets then so be it! Hopefully it will help me improve my displine and Im always interested to try out other markets on Betfair.

I have stumbled across this website which shows this can be done, with some users hitting 97 winners in a row before coming against a 0-0. It also provides you with a list of fixtures for the coming week and which leagues have the most goals scored - a handy little tool I shall be using. I will update my progress on the blog every few days so fingers crossed it rains goals for the next month or two!

Good Luck if you decide to take up this challenge also!

Can anyone advise what how to upload screenshots onto blogspot?? Thanks :-)


  1. Good luck with your challenge. I would recommend taking half of your winnings per bet out when you get to say 10. the 1goal website looks good, but would the 97 run guy have really staked 70k plus on the last game?

  2. Hello, would you be interested in exchanging links?


  3. No, he wasn't. He wasn't staking anything at all actually.

    97 games realy should not be aim. Better hit regulary 30-40 and take decent profits and then start again.

  4. stripped1977 - sure, I have added you to my blogs.

    Yeah, my target will be 50 as but I will try and withdraw a bit before the 50.