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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Betfair rules my life..

Well the title of the thread has been true of the past few days, I have had a few spare quid and I have been playing around on betfair and managed to build up a nice little bank (many thanks to ajax conceding a late goal in cup, layed them at 1.16.. oh happy days). Though i must admit I had lost a bit previously laying any unquoted in the Inter Vs Palermo game when Inter went 2-0, so its been swings and roundabouts but I have been enjoying the UK horseracing also on betfair which is reminding me of home so that was nice, not to mention the profits! (special thanks to Yoshi and RP on betfair forum for a 21/1 winner today!).

Back to football this weekend and I fancy Bristol City (1.87 on betfair) to beat Sheff Wed, everything points to a home win here and the word is that Sheff Wed have been hit by the swine flu thats going round and a few academy players will be included in the squad to face Bristol City. Don't forget the Middlesboro bet also, I still have them as a massive favourite to beat struggling Plymouth - still available at 1.50 at most bookies.

Heres hoping to a winning day on Saturday, I will be out most of Saturday which will limit my Betfair time which is a good thing. The last few days have made me realise how addicting and easy it can be to sit and bet/trade all day on Betfair. Enjoy the weekend and the football, Good Luck All!


  1. Results like Plymouth winning at Middlesbrough just happen. So long as you are finding value, you'll come out ahead in the long run.

  2. Was a shocking day yesterday, I will be more careful with championship games from now on! That division is unpredictable.. And thats the second time Bristol City have let me down at home - bogey team!