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Jose Mourinho to Real Madrid anyone?

Monday, 12 October 2009

Back to winning ways!

Well I was very happy to see Japan win 2-0 on Saturday as I had been very vocal about this bet, come kick off time I was very nervous and all kinds of different thoughts were going through my head! Japan did dominate the game but credit to the Scots for holding out for so long.

Another pleasing result was Finland beating Wales 2-1 at odds of 1.92 so two good wins this weekend sees the bank increase and I hope several of you made some cash too! Its always a risk when betting on International Friendlies but I had such a strong belief about the Japan game it was too good to miss! And the price on Finland was too big, should have been 1.70-ish.

I will check out the midweek games but more than likely I will be looking at the coming weekend games. Oh by the way the Eastenders Mark Fowler lookalike in the picture is not me!

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