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Thursday, 17 September 2009

A Day of Departures...

Yesterday was a strange day for many reasons, there was the big F1 news that Flavio Briatore has left Renault admist allegations of race fixing. Chelsea has also annouced that Peter Kenyon will be leaving his role as Chelsea chief executive at the end of October (personlly I can't stand this man, his arrogance is unreal) but the saddest news for me was to hear that Karen Brady will leave Birmingham if Carson Yeung completes his takeover of the club.

For some reason I have had a massive crush on Karen Brady for the last 10 years or so, maybe beacuse she was the first high profile woman to join a football club in such a capacity - who knows? But it I hope she comes back and joins another football club, I believe she has made a massive difference in putting Birmingham where they are today. I was also an avid reader of her column in the Sun newspaper on a Saturday.

Last nights prediction was spot on (Inter Vs Barca - draw) which I am very happy about, its quite rare I would back a draw to be honest but when I am not actually backing my selections with money I tend to see better results. Which leads me to think I should try and remove all emotion when betting and just back my selections and not get too caught up with the price and other factors which normally to persuade me to back the "safest" option.

I tried watch some of the Liverpool game online last night but it kept breaking up on me, a bit like Liverpools attacking play. Still a win is a win eh? Well done to Arsenal on a great comeback as well - I did fear the worst for Arsenal when 2-0 down after 5 mins!! I havent had time to look at Thursdays games yet... but Good Luck to all those that are having a bet!

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