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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Bad news for the Willams Sisters

Weeks after wild card Kim Clijsters wins the US Open another tennis comeback beckons, this time in the shape of 5ft6 former world number 1 Justin Henin. Personally im delighted by this news although I doubt Venus and Serena will be so happy, I was only talking about Justin Henin last week and how much I missed her presence on the tour and all of a sudden a comeback is announced!

Maybe I should start talking about Ian Rush making a comeback! I guess he wont be so effective now age has caught up with him, on the other hand Justin Henin is in her prime - 27 years old (same age as myself!) and I fully expect her to climb back to the top of the rankings. A fitting tribute would be a victory at Wimbledon next year, the only grand slam which has eluded her.

Back to betting and I will take a closer look at saturdays game over the next few days, I have been reading various blogs on trading and it has really made me eager to return back to trading and I plan to do so at the start of next season. Although this season I plan to build a substantial bank for sports betting.

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