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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Sunday Special...

As I was browsing the fixtures for this weekend I believe I have uncovered a gem of a bet! Ladies and Gentleman I propose that you take a wheelbarrow full of cash to the bookies and place it on Sunderland to beat Fulham on Sunday.

Heres why...
  • Sunderland face Fulham at the perfect time, Fulham are playing away in Ukraine tonight.
  • Sunderlands home form has been really solid - only losing 2 at home and beating Liverpool and Arsenal earlier this season.
  • Sunderlands injury situation has improved alot in recent weeks and this coupled with Fulhams midweek trip to Ukraine makes Sunderlands price too big to miss.
  • Fulham have only won once away all season in the Premier League.
Sunderland are available at odds of 2.26 right now on Betfair. Bet of the weekend for me!

Ok, dont get too carried away with the wheelbarrows of cash but im going to have a decent bet.

Good Luck to all those having a punt.


  1. That's 14 games without a win for Sunderland. As Steve Bruce said "We huffed and puffed and I couldn't fault the players' effort, but some are trying too hard to make it happen. At the death Fraizer Campbell looked like he was sliding in a goal to win a horrible game 1-0, but it didn't happen and the longer it goes the harder it becomes." Ian (Wayward_Lad)

  2. Hi,

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