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Monday, 22 February 2010

Recharged and Ready!

Its been a few weeks since my last post as I have had the pleasure of a weeks break in Florida! A week in the Florida sun has defintely recharged my batteries and im ready to go again! It was interesting to be in Florida for the Tiger Woods press conference, you couldnt get away from it. Every local reporter and news channel covered the story and there was days of analysis and phone in's across America. Personally I feel it was a very bland and predictable statement from Tiger and the absence of wife Elin spoke louder than any words that "Brand Tiger" had scripted, I hope Tiger is able to concentrate on his golf very soon although I very much doubt that.

Back in England Liverpool have been limping along whilst neighbours Everton have battered Chelsea and Manchester United in recent weeks!! Still, we are still in the hunt for 4th place despite the shocking performance at Eastlands yesterday. This week sees loads of games to stuck into with full fixtures for Leagues One and Two and I really fancy Bournemouth to beat Barnet tomorow night odds of 1.74 are available on Betfair. Barnet do not travel well losing 11 of their 15 away games and Bournemouth will be looking to make amends for their defeat at Dagenham.

The Champions League is back as well, I saw the result Manchester Utd 3-2 AC Milan chalked up behind the bar in Florida and initally thought it was a good result for AC Milan as they got two away goals,  it wasn't until I sobered up and looked at the paper the next day that I realised that the game was in Italy.Why do the americans write the away team first!!! Grrrrr!

Good Luck to all those having a bet.

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