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Friday, 26 March 2010

Should the Rich.... ?

Is it just me or should the rich abstain from buying their beloved football club? First off we had Mike Ashley buying Newcastle United and watching them fall quicker than John Terrys trousers at a team mates house!. Along the way there was pictures of Chairman Mike Ashley sitting with the Newcastle fans in the crowd watching the games, OK Mike we get it - you’re a fan too! He then decided to sack Allardyce and appoint the messiah Kevin Keegan (again) which was to end in tears as Keegan walked out over a power battle within the club.

Now David Sullivan has finally “gone home” and bought West Ham United, I have a lot of respect for Mr Sullivan and the success he achieved previously at Birmingham – looking back it was a wonderful job he done there over the last 10 years or so but buying a club like West Ham which is so close to his heart he has given him an almost impossible job. How will he ever be satisfied at West Ham as his expectations will be so high as a fan which leads to enormous pressure and mistakes a la Mike Ashley. I hope David Sullivan and West Ham do succeed but it’s a huge task for him and his team.

The reason I wrote this piece was down to David Sullivans “open letter” to the West Ham fans (he sent a copy to all season ticket holders at West Ham yesterday). It made me cringe and I feel for Gianfranco Zola as how can he run a team when the chairman undermines you like this. Of course, Sullivan is only doing this because he is a fan. And that’s why you don’t buy the club!! You’re a fan and should enjoy being fan as becoming chairman takes away that pleasure away somewhat.

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