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Jose Mourinho to Real Madrid anyone?

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Changing of the Guard

The past few weeks has seen the changing of the guard somewhat with Inter beating Barca in the CL, Spurs finishing in the top four and Chelsea look set to reclaim the title from United. Out of all these the Inter Milan and Jose Mourinho saga interests me most from a betting point of view. Mourinho looks set to leave Inter Milan this summer with Real Madrid/Liverpool/Man City/Man United all mooted as possible destinations, for my money I would back Jose Mourinho to be at Real Madrid next season - in fact I would place wheelbarrows full of money on this if I could find a market somewhere!!

Skybet had a market up briefly and I regret not taking the Evens that was available for the Real Madrid manager at the start of next season to be Jose Mourinho. The rumour mill has been going crazy about Jose coming back to England in the summer. Personally I think that Jose would like to win a la liga title before coming back to England – he has stated before he wants to be the first manager to win titles in England, Italy and Spain, Real Madrid will more than likely continue their tradition of a new manager each year and dump Pelligrini in the summer paving the way for Jose, this looks nailed on to me.

I have searched high and low for a market somewhere but to no avail, I even emailed Betfair to see if they would put a market up but they responded they might add a “Mourinho to Stay” market up, which would be a forgone conclusion in my eyes – its not when he is leaving it’s the club!!

If anyone can find some prices, please let me know!

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